How To Keep Away Houseflies, Mosquiotes and Other Flying Insects

Chrysamed Insecticide & Chrysamed Force Cross Application

Stubborn flying insects such as mosquitoes, houseflies and bees are cold-blooded creatures that disturb people in their environment, especially in restaurants, hotels and country gardens and also they are very difficult creatures to fight with. It is not possible to fight against these insects with normal insecticide methods. Many insecticides contain toxic properties, these products kill the insects with the toxic effect, not the biological effect, in other words, they eliminate them with the effect of poison. Therefore, PBO and similar solvents that have no insecticidal effect but increase the toxic effect are used in the production of these products.

The insecticides that kill insects immediately may be used for one-on-one combat but they cannot solve the pest problem and do not provide repellent effects. Once the Pests are poisoned and realize this they lay their eggs before they die, so their number increases and becomes more resistant in the next reproductive cycle. Chrysamed products are nontoxic, but are biologically effective. Biologically effective insecticides do not immunize insects. It does not increase their numbers in the reproductive cycles. Do not forget that, the insecticides that instantly kills insects can also be dangerous to our health.

You should cross-apply with Chrysamed products to get rid of these insects and keep them away from your environment for a long time.

What is Cross-Application?

Chrysamed Insecticide is applied inside and outside of your home, on gardens, balconies and walls as much as possible.

It is an application done every 2-3 days with synergistic and biologically effective Chrysamed Insecticide and Chrysamed Force products. Chrysamed Insecticide is applied inside and outside of your home, on gardens, balconies and walls as much as possible, until it is slightly wetted and applied by spraying in large amounts.

Chrysamed Insecticide solves your problem to a great extent. Unfortunately, due to the very high use of toxic insecticides, many insects have gained resistance. In the case of such stubborn insects, the second application with the Chrysamed Force eliminates the pest problem completely.

Do not forget that, insects and bugs are part of the ecological balance. Our goal as the Chrysamed family is not to destroy all insects, but to keep them away from you and their negative effects without destroying the balance of nature.


Chrysamed Insecticide is applied by spraying at a distance of about one meter until the surface is slightly wetted.


If the problem is not solved completely in the first application, if should repeat the same application with Chrysamed Force, than the pest problem will be completely eliminated. If the problem is still not solved, please call us.