Chrysamed Bifomed Turbo
Insecticide Against Cockroaches and Ants

Effective Against Cockroaches and Ants

Bifomed Turbo Karınca ve Hamamböceği İlacı

Bifomed Turbo Features

Bifomed Turbo is a broad-spectrum odorless insecticide produced with the patented Chrysa Nano Capsule Technology developed in Austria.

Bifomed Turbo is a water based, new generation unique insecticide that does not contain PBO, solvent and other petroleum-derived hazardous solvents. It is odorless and doesn’t leave stains. It can be applied to all kinds of surfaces (fabric, wood, metal, plastic, leather).

It has permanent repellent and killing effects up to 3 months against cockroaches and ants.


  • Permethrin: 0.14%
  • Esbiothrin: 0.07%
  • Emulgators and Demineralized Water

Product Bottles of Different Sizes

Chrysamed Böcek İlacı Uygulaması

Bifomed Turbo Application

Bifomed Turbo is not a lethal insecticide which is directly sprayed on cockroaches and ants.

Bifomed Turbo is applied abundantly by spraying wherever cockroaches and ants can be found, placed or passed.

Apply properly from a distance of about 50 cm on the walls, furniture, curtains, carpets, armchairs, beds, shoes, clothes, kitchen and clothes cabinets, machines and benches in the bottom and back of the kitchen, doors, windows, balconies, terraces and pots.

In general, a single application is sufficient. The application may need to be repeated several times every 10-15 days for very problematic areas. Bifomed Turbo does not contain propellant, therefore there is no need to close doors and windows, leave the house or aerate.

Some consumers who do not know the characteristics of Bifomed Turbo, they can believe mistakenly that it is ineffective when they see that the cockroach does not die instantly after apply the insecticide directly.

Bifomed Turbo is not a poisonous insecticide that can instantly kill cockroaches and ants. Do not forget that, the insecticide that instantly kill the cockroaches, can also be dangerous to your own health. Bifomed Turbo moves away and kills cockroaches by paralyzing their respiratory systems not by poisoning them.

Chrysamed Böcek İlacı Özellikleri

Experiments with Bifomed Turbo

As a result of experiments on cockroaches at Ege University, Bifomed Turbo has achieved a hundred percent results.

The experiments against cockroaches at Laboratoire T.E.C. in France, Bifomed Turbo has achieved 100% against all pests and this effect has been established and confirmed for 91 days.

Because of it’s 99% water, please do not spray the Bifomed Turbo on electrical current, cables, sockets, motors, etc.

Bifomed Turbo is 500 ml spray bottles for small areas.  For large areas; it is produced in 2.5 liter spray jerry can and 5 liter economic jerry can.

Wide Area of Usage

Bifomed Turbo is used in all indoor and outdoor areas such as houses, sites, businesses, hotels, restaurants, markets, bakeries, schools, animal shelters and farms etc.

Apply thoroughly with Bifomed Turbo on floors, walls, furniture benches, kitchen benches and machines to protect against cockroaches.

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