Chrysamed Emulsion Concentrate EC

Concentrated Insecticide Against Tick, Lice, Flea and Cockroach

Chrysamed Konsantre EC Haşere ilacı

Concentrate EC Features

Concentrate EC is a new generation insecticides which is PBO-free, water based, wide spectrum and concentrated.

It is extremely effective against Tick, Lice, Flea and Cockroach. After the mixed with water, it penetrate every molecule of water equally and provide homogeneous emulsion without deteriorate, decompose and precipitation.

From the first drop to the last drop with Chrysamed Concentrate EC, the active substance is applied equally in every spray.

The other important feature of Chrysamed Concentrate EC is that it increases its activate after the mixed with water and therefore it provides maximum effect with minimum active ingredient.

The dilution rates foreseen on the Chrysamed S-Delta label in accordance with the license legislation has been identified according to the amount of active substance required to correspond to the unit area.

That is recommended that mix the Chrysamed Concentrate EC with more water and increase the application amount.

Chrysamed Concentrate EC can be diluted to 1/40 to 1/80 according to insects type, features of insect problem and application method.

Product Bottles of Different Sizes

Chrysamed Böcek İlacı Uygulaması

Chrysamed Concentrate EC Insecticide should be used under the control of authorized personnel.

Concentrate EC Application

Chrysamed Concentrate EC is the unique product that permanently solves the insect problem by destroying insects with their larvae.

Chrysamed Concentrate EC is thoroughly applied to indoor and outdoor areas where insects can be found, placed or passed. After the application, the insects in those areas are eliminated in a short time and if the new insects enter that area, they will disappear after a while.

A single application is sufficient in normal cases. If the area is very problematic, the application may need to be repeated several times at the beginning. Then apply 1-2 times a year is sufficient.

Chrysamed Concentrate EC eliminates the insect slow but definite by affecting the their nervous system. Insecticides that killed instantly the insects are very dangerous also our health. At first, use the Chrysamed frequently. As long as you use, you will recognize better, see the difference and always prefer.

It is recommended that the apply with pulverizers fine tuning and plenty.

ULV cold fogging applications are recommended to be made at the fine tuning and long time. The more long the application time, the more effective it is.

There is need to close doors and windows during the ULV cold fogging application.

It is easy to use Chrysamed Concentrate EC, does not stain and does not irritate the surfaces.

Chrysamed Böcek İlacı Özellikleri

Area of use

It is used all indoor and outdoor areas such as sites, apartments ( spraying on floors, walls, furnitures, curtains, carpets, armchairs, beds, closet and kitchen closet, bottom and backs of kitchen machines and worktops, doors, windows), hotels, summer houses, workplaces, hospitals, military units, restaurants, cafeterias, patisseries, bakeries, markets, schools, campuses, dormitories, barracks, gardens, balconies and terraces, camping and picnic areas, animal shelters, farms and slaughterhouses etc.

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Provides effective protection against flies, mosquitoes and ticks for up to 6 hours.