G-06 Soft Herbal Insecticide

Effective Against Mosquitoes and Houseflies

G-06 Soft Features

G-06 Soft is unique and very special ready to use insecticide.

G-06 Soft is a water based insecticide formulated with Chrysa Nanocapsule Technology and it does not contain PBO, hazardous solvents and propellants.

G-06 Soft is a herbal active insecticide. Its active substance is natural Pyrethrum which is procured by Chrysanthem. Natural Pyrethrum is sensitive product to environment health and haematothermals. It is affecting only insects. It has killing and repelling effect on the insects.

It affects by disrupting the trachea system of cold-blooded organisms. It is an insecticide that is allowed to be used in certified organic agricultural products in the USA and Europe.

Thanks to the very strong repellent effect of G-06 soft, insects do not approach the treated areas. As it is sensitive to human and environmental health, it disintegrates completely in 5-6 days in nature and does not leave residue.

G-06 Soft Formulation

  • Natural Pyrethrum extract 0.3%
  • Emulsifiers and water

Product Bottles of Different Sizes

Chrysamed Böcek İlacı Uygulaması

G-06 Soft Application Areas

Envira G06 is a product that is sensitive to human and environmental health and can be applied by everyone in all indoor and outdoor places without using masks and protective equipment.

It can be applied by spraying or ULV cold fogging method.

1 liter of G06 Soft is applied on an area between 50 to 100 m2 depending on the environment and the type of pest.

We suggest 500 ml or 1 L packages with triggers for small areas such as homes.

Chrysamed Böcek İlacı Özellikleri

G-06 Soft Area of Use

Chrysamed G-06 Soft is applied by spraying well from a distance approximately 1 meter until it gets slightly wetted where the insects can be located, settled or passed such as walls, furniture, curtains, carpets, armchairs, bedrooms, shoes, clothes, kitchen and clothes cabinets, bottom and rear parts of machines and worktops in the kitchen, cracks, doors, windows, balconies, terraces and vases.

We suggest to use with pulverizator spraying method for large areas such as hotels, restaurants, markets, schools, sites, workplaces, bakeries, animal shelters, farms. Pulverizator spraying type that can spray slightly and has long spray distance must be used.

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