Chrysamed Insecticide

Wide spectrum water-based general insecticide

Chrysamed İnsektisit Max

Wide spectrum water-based and odorless general insecticide.

Chrysamed Insecticide has permanent repellent and killing effects up to 3 months against flying and crawling insects such as mosquitos, houseflies, cockroaches, ants, lice, fleas, mites, bugs, spiders, ticks, scorpions.

Chrysamed Features

Chrysamed Insecticide is a broad spectrum ready-to-use insecticide that does not contain PBO, solvent and other petroleum-derived hazardous solvents. It is odorless and doesn’t leave stains. It can be applied by everyone without using any masks and protective equipment.

The application is different from other insecticides. It is applied by spraying to the surfaces where insects can be located, settled or passed. Single application is sufficient normally. However, in case of problems that long standing and gained resistance problematic situations, the applications may need to be repeated every 2-3 days until the insects disappear completely.


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Emulgators and Demineralized Water

Insecticide Usage Areas

It is used in all indoor and outdoor areas such as houses, sites, offices, restaurants, markets, bakeries, schools, animal shelters and farms.

On travels, you can protect yourself from bedbug, mite, lice, flea, scabies and other parasites by spraying Chrysamed Insecticide on and around the bed, luggage and bags in your hotel room. In this way, you avoid moving these insects from hotels to your home. Please be aware, it doesn’t mean that luxurious or very clean hotels host bad bugs. These parasites feed with blood instead of dirt and they live where ever blood exists.

Spray your bedroom properly with Chrysamed Insecticide, including bed, carpet, wardrobe, floors and walls to get rid of these parasites in your home.

If you have a long lasting bedbug problem you may need to repeat this application several times, like 3 to 5 days. It will be enough to apply this 1-2 times a year, as a precaution for protection purposes. You can also protect yourself from parasites, that exist on beds such as mite, lice, flea, scabie thanks to this application.

You can protected from ticks, mosquitoes and other insects by spraying to places, your environment, dresses and shoes in picnic areas. Do not forget, not only a tick, but a simple mosquito bite can infect you with a dangerous virus.

Spray the Chrysamed  Insecticide to indoor and outdoor areas of your houses, also floors, walls, trash bins and furnitures from a distance of 1-2 meters until it wets slightly for protection from flying insects like mosquitoes and houseflies. Besides this apply it properly to your thick and tulle curtains each side, doors and windows of the interior and exterior moldings, balconies and terraces.

Spray the Chrysamed Insecticide to properly on floors, walls, bottom of furnitures, kitchen benches, bottom and back of machines for protection from walking insects like cockroaches and the others.

It is enough to apply with Chrysamed insecticide 1-2 times a year to your wardrobe and kitchen cupboard to get rid and protect from moths.

It is enough to apply Chrysamed Insecticide to ant’s moving areas and paths for get rid from them.

Chrysamed Insecticide Effect

Chrysamed Insecticide eliminate the insects by biological effect, not by toxic effect. Biologically effective insecticides do not kill the insect immediately like toxic effective insecticides.

First, it disrupts the trachea of insects and eliminates them. Biologically effective insecticides are not dangerous for warm-blood as toxic effective insecticides.

Insects are cold-blood creatures that live completely with their nervous system. They have no bloodstream. They lead their life by breathing through the holes in their bodies called the trachea. Therefore, even if there is a small amount of the active substance in the area where they  breath their nervous system will be affected which will  cause them to move away from that area and die in a short time.

There is no insecticide product offered by other companies which containing less active ingredients than Chrysamed Insecticide. Toxic effective insecticides do not actually solve the insect problem, even if they kill them. By nature, all living creatures have the instinct to maintain their lineage.

For example, trees become even stronger when the branches are pruned. When insects face an unnatural death threat, they try to multiply and lay more eggs than usual with extraordinary effort while at the same time they gain immunity to that insecticide.

Toxic effectively insecticides caused the ecological balance to deteriorate and the insects to multiply, by eliminating microorganism right along with insects.

Please research for your health. Please note that, insecticides that killed insects immediately are not a biological effective, they are toxical effective and it is dangerous for all creatures.

Chrysamed insecticide is a unique product that provides certain and permanent solution for all insect problems without harm to human and environmental health. It can be apply to all kind of surfaces (fabric, wood, metal, plastic, leather etc.) without stain and ruins and it is odorless.

It has the effect of killing and repelling permanent up to 3 months against flying and walking insects such as mosquito, housefly, cockroach, ant, flea, lice, mite, bed bug, spider, tick, scorpio, etc.

Chrysamed Insecticide Applications

Chrysamed is applied in plenty and at the finest possible tune to indoor and outdoor areas where insects can be found, placed or passed.

It is applied by spraying well from a distance approximately 1 meter until it gets slightly wet on walls, furniture, curtains, carpets, armchairs, bedrooms, shoes, clothes, kitchen and clothes cabinets, bottom and rear parts of machines and worktops in the kitchen, cracks, doors, windows, balconies, terraces and vases.

Drop size is very important in applications with Chrysamed Insecticide. The finer the sprayed drops, the higher the effect and the longer it will last. For example: 1 Litre of ready-to-use product should be applied on an area of 50 to 100 m² depending on the type of insect. But the important part is how thin and how long this 1 litre amount is applied to the area in question.

For example: if 1 liter of insecticide is poured on the pest at once, it has no effect. But it is highly effective when sprayed very thin from a distance of one meter.

Since the original trigger sprayer head on Chrysamed Insecticide bottles can spray much finer than their peers, the application lasts a long time, but the effect is high and permanent.

When a large packaged Chrysamed Insecticide is transferred to a hand or back pulveriser and applied; when the droplet setting of the pulveriser is applied to the coarse tuning, the product is sprayed in a very short time but the effect is very weak and short. However, if applied with fine tuning, the application time is longer, but the effect is much higher and the permanent (residual) effect is extended.

Chrysamed does not including propellants, in this contect there is no need to close doors and windows, leave or ventilate the house when you appling the insecticide with pulverizator or Chrysamed’s original triggered packaging. It should be applying for long duration with ULV ( cold fogging) for achieve higher effect and longer permanence.

At indoor places with much insect problems like a animal shelter, storehouse and warehouse, a definite and permanent solution is provided for at least 3 months providing that cold fogging for more than 8 hours by closing all doors and windows. Such applications are usually performed at nights. For example: ULV device is setted on a table with the finest adjustment the way that facing up to 45 degrees on restaurants, markets, factories, etc. after the evening closes. Practical application for determine the finest adjustment; if your hand do not get wet at a distance of 1-2 meter from ULV device exit noozle, that mean if there is dry air coming out, the adjustment is correct. In this setting, there is need to operate the device, check every 2-3 hours, fill or reinforce the insecticide chamber.

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