Laboratory Tests and
Experiment Result Reports
for Chrysamed Products

TTUV LGA Experiment Report

Chrysamed Insecticide has received a full score in all chemical analyses made in German TUV Laboratories and is certified and confirmed to European standards.

Dermatest Experiment Report

Chrysamed Insecticide is certified with a “very good” score by the German Dermatest Laboratory for dermatological experiments applied onto the skin of 30 test subjects.

FREY – TOX Experiment Report

In this experiment at German FREY-TOX Laboratory, mice were given a maximum dose of Chrysamed insecticide and the test results reported no toxic effects at all.

Berlin Insect Services Experiment Report

In the biological activity experiments performed with Chrysamed on tick, mites, and moths.
100% effectiveness was obtained on ticks and moths. On mites, the effectiveness results were 95%.

Bilacon Experiment Report

Analysis report of Chrysamed Gazchromotgraphy at Bilacon.

Biogenius Experiment Report

Chrysamed Universal has received a 100% effectiveness report on bedbug experiments at the German Biogenius Laboratory.

Paardenkliniek Garijp Clinic Netherlands Experiment Report

In an experiment on horses with Chrysamed Vet, it was confirmed that it does not cause any dermatological problems.

LABORATOIRE T.E.C. France Experiment Report

Tests against pests such as cockroaches, ants, fleas (nymphs), flea adults, flies, dust mites (mites), clothes moth (larva), termites (adults), mosquitoes (Aedes Aegypti), mosquitoes (Aedes Albopictus), and bedbugs confirmed that a 100% effectiveness was achieved and continued for 91 days.

Hacettepe University

Experiments on mosquitoes, houseflies, ants, and cockroaches at Hacettepe University confirmed a 100% effectiveness.

Uludağ University

In an experiment on horses with Chrysamed Vet at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Uludağ University, it was confirmed that it does not cause any dermatological problems.

Akdeniz University

100% success was achieved in 3 different experiments conducted on 76 ticks at Akdeniz University.

Gaziantep University

At the University of Gaziantep, 100% success was achieved in open field and permanent surface biological activity tests on ticks and spiders.

Gaziantep University also tested the repellent effect of Chrysamed products on ticks and it was confirmed that Chrysamed products have a repellent effect on ticks.

Ankara University

In the biological tests performed on scorpion, spider, bedbug and rat flea at Ankara University confirmed a 97% effectiveness.