Chrysamed Ratex

Ready-To-Use wax block bait effective against mice and rats

Chrysamed Ratex Fare ve Sıçan Mücadelesi için Hazır Blok

Ratex Features

Chrysamed Ratex difenacoum based multipurpose rodenticide which is an advanced anticoagulant.

It’s effective against mice and rats.

It causes internal bleeding in rodents within 5-10 days after taking the lethal dose.

Rodents stop feeding and die in their nest away from the eye.

Chrysamed Böcek İlacı Uygulaması

Ratex Application

Identify where rodents nest and travel. Place the Ratex Block at the site of rodent droppings and at each feeding point. Place in areas where they have been identified as damaging or other signs of activity.

Baits should be placed without contact with hands. Baits should be applied as much as possible in plastic containers or feed stations.

For application against rats; depending on the environment, 2-4 (for 20, 25 gr. baits) or 4-8 (for 10gr. baits) Ratex Bait Blocks are applied at 5-10 meter intervals.

For application against mice; depending on the environment, 1-2 (for 20, 25 gr. baits) or 2-4 (for 10gr. baits) Ratex Bait Blocks are applied at 3-5 meter intervals.

Baits should be added again after consumption.

Chrysamed Böcek İlacı Özellikleri

Ratex Usage Areas

It is also great to be used indoors. It is placed in areas where mice and rats roam or feed, in and around the edges of the nest holes, in the corners of the walls.

In rural areas; place the Ratex Blocks in the rodent nests. hole cans, containers and pipes can be used as feed stations.

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