Chrysamed Mit-Ex
Mite Insecticide

Effective Insecticide Against Mites

Chrysamed Mit-Ex Mite Akar Böcek İlacı

Mite-Ex Features

Mite-Ex is a very special insecticide with herbal active substance that used against house dust mites and bed mites.

The active ingredient is Geraniol. Geraniol is an extracted essential oil derived from plants such as geranium, rose, citronella and lemon grass. It does not disturb the smell with the extracts it contains.

It contains more than 67 compounds. This formula has killing and repelling effect on the insects.

Chrysamed Mite-ex is a water based emulsion formulated with Chrysa Nanocapsule Technology. It does not contain PBO, petroleum-derived hazardous solvents and propellants.

Thanks to Chrysa Nanocapsule Technology, Geraniol active substance is bound to each molecule of water in equal amounts and the water used is turned into a highly effective insenticide against mites. Mite-Ex is also effective against pests such as lice, flea and bed bugs.

Mit-Ex Formulation

  • Geraniol  % 0,5
  • Emulsifier and Water

Product Bottles of Different Sizes

Chrysamed Böcek İlacı Uygulaması

Chrysamed Mite-Ex Application

Mites feed on human spilled skin cells, hair, dandruff and other organic substances. Mites live in household items such as beds, pillows, quilts, carpets and furniture.

The body wastes of house dust mites, especially feces, are allergen. These feces dry out and eventually turn into a fine dust. When this fine dust is inhaled, it causes complaints in allergic persons.

In case of inhalation of mites and allergens causing allergies, symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as itching, nasal flow, nasal congestion, sneezing, itching in the eyes, watering of eyes, eye redness and swelling may be occurred. In asthmatic patients, asthma attacks (such as cough, wheeze, difficulty in breathing) may be triggered.

Chrysamed Böcek İlacı Özellikleri

Chrysamed Mite-Ex Usage Areas

Mite-Ex is an insecticide that you can safely use on all kinds of fabric surfaces such as beds, quilts, pillows, carpets, rugs, armchairs and curtains. Mite-ex does not disturb you with its plant extracts smell; you don’t need to leave the place where the product is used with its fresh smell.

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