Chrysamed Worm-Ex
Against Woodworm

Effective insecticide against woodworm

Chrysamed Worm-Ex Tahta Kurdu Böcek İlacı

Chrysamed Worm-Ex Features

Chrysamed Worm-Ex is an effective insecticide for struggling against woodworm.

The insects that smell the Worm-Ex exits from the holes and they get caught to the insecticide and die.

It has repellent feature. In addition, these pests do not release their eggs to the treated areas due to the repellent effect of Worm-Ex. In this way, the reproductive cycle is broken.

Worm-Ex Formulation

  • Active Ingredient: 0.2% Permethrin
  • Other Ingredients: Emulsifier, Solvent and Water
Chrysamed Böcek İlacı Uygulaması

Application of Worm-Ex

Wood warms are also known as “Wood lice” and “Wood warm”. It has mix colors of white, red and black. The body length of wood warm varies between 2.5 and 5 mm. It spends a significant part of its life as a wood-eating larva and causes to the formation of fine, tunnel-like marks on wooden surfaces. When the larva returns to the adult, it makes holes to the woods to exit the board. Therefore, weakening and breakage on wooden furnitures and wood surfaces are observed.

The most important symptom of the woodworm is the sound of wood and the wood dust left by the larva.

Woodworms prefer to live in humid areas like other insects. They usually lay their eggs in the cracks and crevices of the wood. Females can lay 100 eggs at a time. This rapid reproduction is also the largest proof of why your furniture is falling apart so quickly.

Mature woodworms leave the wood between May and September. It is highly beneficial to use Chrysamed Worm-Ex, if you want to find a comfortable solution struggling against woodworms and get rid of this problem forever. You can solve the superficial invasions with Chrysamed Worm-Ex at once. If it is a long-term problem and there is an in-depth infestation, periodic application is required every 15 days until the problem is completely resolved.

Chrysamed Böcek İlacı Özellikleri

Wide Area of Usage

Chrysamed Worm-Ex is an odorless and non-staining product that can be applied to all kinds of wooden surfaces.

It is applied by spraying on wood materials such as doors, windows, furniture at the finest setting from 50-100 cm distance.

You do not need to leave the area and ventilate the house after the application.

Thanks to Chrysamed Worm-Ex’s repellent feature, you can protect not only against wooden worms, but also against external parasites such as lice, flea, scabies, bedbugs.

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