G-05 Pro Concentrate Herbal Extract Insecticide

Effective Against Mosquito and Bed Bug Species

Chrysamed G-05 Pro Sivrisinek ve Tahtakurusu için Konsantre böcek ilacı

G-05 Pro Features

Chrysamed G-05 Pro is a water-based and herbal essence concentrated insecticide that does not include solvent and derivatives.

G-05 Pro is effective against flying and walking insects such as Mosquito and Bed bug.

G-05 Pro, that produced by International patented Chrysa technology, does not leave any stains and residue

G-05 Pro is a sensitive product to human and envirenment health.

G-05 Pro Formulation

  • Geraniol 20%

Product Bottles of Different Sizes

Chrysamed Böcek İlacı Uygulaması

G-05 Pro Application Areas

Bifomed Turbo can be used in all indoor and outdoor areas such as sites, apartments, hotels, summer houses, workplaces, hospitals, military units, restaurants, cafeterias, patisseries, bakeries, markets, schools, campuses, dormitories, barracks, gardens, balconies and terraces, camp and picnic areas, animal shelters, farms and slaughter houses.


According to the type of insects that is struggle , G-05 Pro is diluted with the amount of water shown at the application chart. After that it is used under the control of expert personnel.

Chrysamed Böcek İlacı Özellikleri

What is G-05 Pro?

Geraniol is an extracted plant oil produced from plants such as geranium, rose, citronella and lemon grass.

It contains more than 67 compounds. This content has the ability of repel and kill insects.

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